CS50: I’m Rembarking on my Coding Journey

I’ve tried to get through Lecture 1 of CS50 many times without success. Now I’m going to share my journey in an attempt to motivate myself and have some accountability.

Whilst not the first time I’ve done this, it’s the last time I do this and give up shortly after

What got in my way in my previous attempts?

A good question to ask myself on the surface. But ultimately, completely insincere.

Firstly, ‘What got in my way’? I could say boredom, lack of clarity, motivation life etc excuses, excuses. Nothing truly got in my way, because I hadn’t actually committed to moving in a direction that involved intentionally learning code on a regular basis. Nothing got in my way because there was no way.

Lastly, ‘previous attempts’ I cannot really call them attempts because I didn’t begin with intention. I had no plan and no commitment.

This time, whilst this time I dive in with positive self-talk and commitment. I need to formulate a plan of when and how I will commit to learning code. I will also need to anticipate and plan for things getting in the way and losing motivation.

This time I will plan, be prepared, and commit to a new way of life that includes Coding as a hobby.

Why do I want to learn to code? Coming up next time..